‘TLC for the soul,’ 33 messages of comfort

Mesmerizingly brilliant... I urge you to embrace and breathe in each beautiful card. TLC For the Soul oracle cards are a visual and poetic sensation of wisdom, inspiration and life’s mysterious joy. The invitation to live with the Divine brings a wonderous breath of light, power, and direction back to you. The elegant message of hope, humility and sweetness of life is present in each oracle card. TLC For The Soul transcends the limits of the mind and enters the reader into the universal world of the divine. Each card is a captivating invitation to love again and again and again. A gift of divine love to all. Magical!
— Suzanne Kyra, Award Winning Author 'Welcome Home To Yourself'
TLC 4 Cards.jpg

‘The TLC-For-The-Soul-Oracle cards are designed as an invitation to re-connect with your higher power -- the divine source of your soul. These cards are a tender and caring means of bringing to you soulful images and uplifting messages of comfort. Whenever you encounter inevitable trials and tribulations on the road of life, the cards will bring you peace and encouragement. They will remind you of the compassionate hand of the divine as you take hold of it through your intention and prayer. May you remember your inner light in times of outer darkness through the feelings each image evokes. They wish to help you to experience the miracles that will always unfold when you keep the faith - despite all the odds.’