Willow Moon Meditation MP-3

Willow Moon Meditation MP-3


This guided meditation was professionally developed in a digital recording studio for your listening pleasure. It was inspired to suit both the beginning and experienced meditator. Each track has an essential resonance for cultivating a devotional practise that has the capability to inspire you beyond your human potential. In this special and beloved album, Shana Lee creates the sense of a vibrational “bowl” of light using the OM chant, the power of presence and a peaceful spiritual walk with your soul. There is the potential to feel deeply calm and comforted throughout this meditation. This mp3 is a favourite amongst clients!

1. Lecture and Shana Lee’s background in meditation
2. An overview of the guided meditations
3. First meditation- ‘Practising being present’
4. Second meditation- ‘Chanting the sacred sound of OM’
5. Third meditation- Your guided Intuitive journey to heighten your intuition. You’ll love the sounds and tones created for the most dynamic and powerful meditation.

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Listen to a sample of the Willow Moon MP3 Enjoy!

This morning I used your CD for the first time and really loved it! It is so well done and very powerful. I listened to the entire CD and had a very positive spirit and body creation to it. I have been going through a challenging time right now and it will be very helpful in my healing.
— Dawn H.,, Vancouver, BC.
I have to tell you how wonderful I am finding your meditation CD, and your words at the beginning are sooo inspiring. I know myself and others can relate to what about being not happy and moody daily to going to peace and happiness. I find myself struggling with confidence and giving my power away and just letting go of things. I am meditating daily and doing my affirmations like crazy and trying to stop myself from thinking negatively and turning it around to positive and taking my positive self back!
— Beth G., Edmonton, Alberta