Teen Mentoring Online

Teen Mentoring Online

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Are you raising a curious, sensitive and empathic teen?

Maybe they are searching for answers about who they are, what their feelings mean, and how to get out of bed when life feels like life its ‘against’ them?
Knowledge is power, and helping children and teens learn to see themselves through the eyes of a positive and encouraging perspective is one of the most crucial life skills they’ll ever learn.
Every child needs someone in their corner to support, encourage and guide them through the tough times.

I teach kids…

  • How to feel safe and at peace with their bodies

  • Ways to shift their perspectives and see situations in a new light

  • Techniques to let go of the past and find nuggets of wisdom to take their next step with purpose and confidence

  • These sessions help children and teens understand their intuition, and utilize a variety of tools to support their inner growth including meditation, mindfulness, colours, visualization, oracle cards and self awareness.

  • My work isn’t religious, but I do believe in God and use the most fitting term to talk about having a positive connection to our creator as our inner voice & conscience.

Single Session or Four sessions
1 hr per week
Via Zoom (online video conferencing which can be recorded)

1hr Single Session:
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