Introspect, Attune & Communicate- A Day of Soul Coaching

Introspect, Attune & Communicate- A Day of Soul Coaching

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How often have you asked yourself, “What do I want in my life?” And, “How am I going to get there….?” “Is God or Spirit guiding me?” Or “Am I destined to do this alone through my intuition?” “What is my gift?” “How am I meant to share it?”

Soul Coaching is a unique process of connecting Soul to Soul between you and your Mentor. Between your true needs and your false beliefs, between childhood conditioning and your heart’s sincere desires. You may even know exactly what you want and yet no one has of yet been able to put some of the pieces together for you in a way that makes sense and speaks to you…. creating your own ‘ahas’ and empowerment.

I know that you know who you are. And I trust that with the right process, you know what you need and the steps needed to take you closer to your desires. This is an invitation to walk with me as thousands of others successfuly have. We will have a whole day to explore you and your current life stories and your intuition in non-traditional ways, and an opportunity to embrace healing perspectives that reveal a pathway ahead with renewed clarity.

This workshop includes a focus on the gifts of:

#1. Introspection without self abuse, self neglect, or the opposite, unintended aggressiveness and defensiveness.

#2. Communication with respect to your needs and your life as it currently is, and the needs of the people around you, Kindly dismantling the false ideals that are keeping you feeling stuck. Nothing is off the table!

#3. Everything you bring is brought forward to honour, love and respect, release and surrender. God as you understand her/him is going to reveal something new to you from inside of you, through your intuition, in a whole new way.

HOW: We will do this through Partner work, Guided Meditations, Soul Coaching with myself, Oracle Card Symbolism, Q &A, devotions and worksheet questions.

Be prepared to laugh, let loose and share (whatever you are comfortable with) though people tend to go beyond their comfort zone in my classes and workshops, all the while feeling safe and free to be themselves.

My OBJECTIVE: To empower you in your knowing, to facilitate the movements being made from within your soul & to give you a joyful day in a warm non-judgemental environment.

Make this year your best one yet.

May 25th, 2019

Price includes GST, Fun gift bag & Lunch

Door prized sponsors, Banyen Books and Buddha-Full Restaurant.

Payment plan available- Pay by e-transfer $166.50 & $166.50. For credit card payments please add %3. Contact me to set this up!

(Please email me with any dietary restrictions in regards to soup and sandwiches)


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