Awakening Meditation MP-3

Awakening Meditation MP-3


Released in 2014, this guided meditation helps you cultivate a devotional practice for the realization of your spiritual and human potential. Shana leads you through an energy experience back to the moment of your “conception” into the soul that you are. Then you are led through the chakra system for a full body recharge. Suitable for both the beginner and experienced meditator, this professionally recorded album will support you on your path to wholeness. 

1. Intro written by Christopher Stiles 40 secs
2. Stepping into Awakening 2:22min
3. The Awakening Meditation 15:28min
4. Thoughts of Inspiration 1:16min
5. Chakra Inspiration 1:55min
6. Chakra Meditation 8:55min
7. Contacting Shana Lee 8 secs


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Listen a sample of the Awakening Meditation MP-3. Enjoy!