As your personal mentor, I use my gift of inner seeing to help you learn about yourself as a spiritual being with unlimited intuitive faculties. My ability to ‘see’ you as a soul and to receive timely guidance that will address your natural talents & abilities, along with fears and potent sensitivity is the right combination to initiate deep transformation and joy.My role is to empower you to access the answers inside of you. And to create a space of trust for you to explore your knowing..For over ten years I’ve guided clients successfully through personal and spiritual transformation. Now I am offering my vision to help you stand on solid spiritual ground.

Are you ready to join me for this joyful and life-enhancing process?

What I need from you: A willingness to learn and explore your relationship with the Divine (God or Spirit) and your intuition, honesty, a ‘the glass is half full’ perspective on life, commitment to the organic process of discovery and enthusiasm.
What you can expect from me: Honesty, sensitivity, knowledge, compassion, inspiration, reliability and commitment.
Together we’ll create a personal roadmap with attainable goals (these may change as we go along), and personalized exercises to strengthen your sense of self and help you access your unique creative inner resources. In addition, you’ll receive home discovery work, a meditation mp3, and weekly sessions with me that’ll give you a jumpstart unlike any other.

This is your invitation to take a leap of faith. You don’t need to consider yourself intuitive or have any answers. You simply need to commit to opening up and exploring your beliefs and ideas about yourself, God and life.Contact me and we can choose the offering which best suits your needs.


* Special add on’s included in coaching packages vary and will be offered at time of booking
* Weekly Soul Coaching Sessions- 75min each chosen in advance-for shorter or longer term commitment such as six weeks, three months, six months or twelve months. Packages start at $1345 and up.Payment plans are available as needed.

*Returning mentoring clients contact me for a special offering
* Questions & Inspired Thoughts for home discovery
* One Meditation MP3 for you
* 10% off retail and courses during the mentorship program
* Sessions are recorded & emailed to you as an mp3

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How often have you asked yourself, “What do I want in my life?” And, “How am I going to get there….?” “Is there a spiritual force guiding me? ” Or “Am I destined to figure this life out alone?” “What is my gift?” “Now what?” “How am I meant to share it?” “How can I be happier?”

Soul Coaching is a unique process of connecting Soul to Soul between you and a trustworthy Mentor. The Mentor helps you discern your true needs and your false beliefs, between childhood conditioning and your heart’s sincere desires. Between habits that are helping and habits that are pushing your dreams away. You may even know exactly what you want and yet no one has of yet been able to put some of the pieces together for you in a way that speaks to you…. creating your own ‘ahas,’ and with clarity, the energy to get moving!

I know that you know who you are. And I trust that with the right mental processes, you will hear once again the needs and the steps that must be taken to bring you closer to the fulfillment of your beautiful desires. This is an invitation to walk with me as thousands of others have! We will have a whole day to explore you and your current life stories and your intuition in non-traditional ways, and an opportunity to embrace healing perspectives that reveal a pathway ahead with renewed clarity.

This workshop includes a focus on the gifts of:

#1. Joyful Introspection without self abuse, self neglect, or the opposite, unintended aggressiveness and defensiveness.

#2. Communication with respect to your needs and your life as it currently is, and how those needs fit in with the needs of the people around you. Along with a dismantling of false ideals, behaviours, thoughts or ideas that are keeping you stuck, worried, fearful, and stagnant. Nothing is off the table!

#3. Everything you bring forward is examined with honour, love and respect and then release and surrender. God, (higher power, Spirit, Divinity) is not an outside power working against you. But is instead a loving power working through your intuition. Something is going to be revealed in a new way through you!

HOW: We will do this through Partner energy exercises, Guided Meditations, Soul Coaching with myself, Oracle Card Symbolism, Q &A, devotions and worksheet questions.

Be prepared to laugh, let loose and share (whatever you are comfortable with) though people tend to go beyond their comfort zone in my classes and workshops, all the while feeling safe and free to be themselves.

My OBJECTIVE: To empower you in your knowing, to facilitate the movements being made from within your soul & to give you a joyful day in a warm non-judgemental environment.

Make this year your best one yet.

May 25th, 2019

Price includes GST, Fun gift bag & Lunch

Door prize sponsors : Banyen Books & Buddha-Full Restaurants

Payment plan available- Pay by e-transfer $166.50 & $166.50 before May 20th, 2019. For credit card payments please add %3. Contact me to set this up!

(Please email me with any dietary restrictions in regards to soup and sandwiches)



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Thanks for the Planner & all the wonderful insight today, lots to absorb :)
I really appreciate you and your amazing talent, thanks for being so patient and understanding.
You have a wonderful way of breaking through my barriers for me and are great at making me feel more comfortable with who I am :) 💕
Happiness, Joy & time for me to water ;)
— S. H - Maple Ridge, BC
I recently completed a block of sessions with Shana Lee. I was sceptical in the beginning, however; once the first session was underway, I realized the experience to be one of a kind, well worth the money, and very special. I left more aligned with myself, and less “cluttered” so to speak, which was exactly what I needed. Within this work, Shana also guided, and held the space, for me to have some special moments for which I am delighted. Shana’s Soul Mentoring is definitely a worthwhile tool.
— Morgan, all over Canada 
As always it was a great pleasure to work with you!!
Thank you SO much!!
— Simone, New York
In 6 short weeks Shana has transformed my life. She took me to a new and unfamiliar place within myself to deepen my intuition and uncover my power. As a result, I feel like a different person thanks to her guidance and intuition. I wouldn’t even know where to go to find this kind of help and support elsewhere; therefore, I am so glad that I invested in her soul coaching. I now have confidence, power, and groundedness to speak my truth, open my heart, and to be present in all that I do. I look forward to working with Shana again in the future.
— Courtney, New Westminster, BC
In This Beautiful Classroom Called Life, We Are Sometimes Presented With Challenges Or Stumbling Blocks Which May Cause Frustrations In Personal Growth. We Become To Close To The Situation And Need Help. I Was Fortunate To Work With Shana Lee As My Guide. With Her Astute And Clear Connections To Spirit And God, We Explored My Progression As A Soul On The Path To Fulfilling Her Potential And Uncovered Forgotten Realms. They Were Laid To Rest, Part Of The Mystery Resolved.I Am Grateful For Her Teachings And Her Steadfast Dedication While Working With Me.
Shana Is Delivering Wonderful, Deep, Spiritual Help And Insight, Into Our Selves And Gods’ Plan For Us, And Our Own Ability To Morph Into Our Highest Version Of Ourselves. She’s Bringing Tangible, Effective, Self Discovery Into The Project And Helping Us Find And Expand On Our Own Path , Explore It’s Depth Of Potential, And Doing It In A Way That Is In Conjunction With Us…Meaning It’s A Joint Effort. Thru My Own Participation And Desire, She Was Able To Help Me Find Things I Wouldn’t Have Discovered On My Own, And Help Solidify And Identify These Things Clearly In My Conscious Mind , So They Are Easier To Work On, Work With, And Expand Upon.
As This Learning Continues To Unfold I Will Definitely Be Back For More Mentoring From Shana, As It Is A Wonderful Way For My Already Deep And Insightful Mind, To Grow And Expand, And Go Further Into The Depth And Potential Of My Own Being, As Well As Bring It To The Surface In Physical Action. Since Completing The Mentorship I Have Made Great Steps On My Journey Of Things I Would Like To Accomplish In The Physical World, And I Know Her Mentoring Helped Me Make That Shift And Transition.
Though I Have Studied And Worked With Spirit Independently For Over Sixteen Years With Some Good Success, “Official Training” Didn’t Occur Until About 2011, And Has Steadily Built Since Then, With You Being One Of The Best Highlights Of My Journey, And Some Of The Absolute BEST Education I’ve Had When It Comes To This Topic! You’ve Given Me Insights, Techniques, Truly GIFTS That Have Really Opened Up New Ways Of Receiving Evidence And Monitoring My Progress In Order To Manage Personal Expectations And Building Greater Confidence. The Future Is Looking Brighter Than Ever, And It Simply Would Not Have Been Possible Without Your Wisdom And Guidance. Your Ability To Tap In And See The Dynamics Of What Was Holding Me Back, Personal Blocks, Etc., Still Astounds Me. There’s That Saying “When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear.” When I Put It Out To Spirit, They Led Me To You, And I Will Forever Be Grateful. Thank You For Our Time Together And Being Such A Blessing.
Six weeks with Shana were a journey of deep self-discovery. As a result, I feel unshakeable confidence in my ability to transform any situation and to trust myself, my decisions and ultimately to shape my destiny. Shana’s approach is direct and honest, yet deeply empathic. All of it is infused with the loving energy of spirit, with a touch of the otherworldly. Wholeheartedly an important and empowering experience.
— I. V.
Life Is Transforming, Is My Experience From Shana’s Soul Coaching! Last Year I Started Working With Shana On Connecting With My Intuition And Souls True Purpose And It Felt Like Having Someone Holding Your Hand On Your Path Home. Comforting, Challenging, Eye Opening And With Very Evidential Changes In The Way I Felt And How Flow Started Running Through Me And Manifestations Started Unfolding. I Consider The Coaching With Shana The Step That Opened Up The Incredible Abundance In My Life Following The Sessions That I Am Now Living And Loving! I Have Slowed Down My Mind And Focused My Attention And Life And Enjoyment Have Picked Up Speed To A Whole Other Level At The Same Time.