When you tap into the wisdom of your soul there’s no limits to what you can know, understand or achieve. This self-guided, 17 session e-course encourages you to take the next step with your intuition. You may feel silly and out of sync at first, but through dedicated practice and completion of these exercises, your intuition will start bubbling up to guide and support you in life. 

INCLUDED IN THIS SPECIAL E-COURSE PACKAGE (downloadable by zip package):

  • One Professionally developed eBook for your spiritual growth

  • Five (5) Professionally Developed mp3’s especially formulated for your spiritual growth.

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Meditators Guidebook

This Guidebook is a beautiful and thorough e-course that you can explore at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Comprised of over 15 years of Shana Lee’s meditation experiences using eastern and western techniques and tools that address today’s spiritual needs in our fast paced society. Learn the power of your mind to cultivate devotion, creative visualization, expanding the chakras and fun practices for the newly awakened meditator as well as the seasoned meditation practitioner looking to deepen or refresh their practice.

Included in this Guidebook are:

  • 48 pages of instruction with beautiful pictures.

  • Four Professionally created Meditation mp3’s: An Intro to Meditation mp3, Chakra mp3, Grounding mp3, Meeting your Guide and Loved One mp3 and Soul Love.

  • Clearing the mind, journalling, chakras, sacred space creation, different forms of meditation, Meditation 101 and 201.

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