Online Guided Meditation to Feel Good & Attract What You Need
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Online Guided Meditation to Feel Good & Attract What You Need

How often do you feel conflicted? Fearful? Sad? Are you second-guessing your decisions?

Friend, it’s time to stop feeling guilty about bad feelings, and learn some solid mental techniques for tapping into your inner well of beingness and good feelings. What happens when we feel good? We shine. People enjoy being around us. They want us to be apart of their projects, business opportunities fly toward us, our health improves- our mental health improves too.

This two hour online class is a kick—— guided meditation focused on creating good feelings within the emotional body. It doesn’t matter if you’ve meditated before, or if you’re frustrated about your meditation practice, or you’re a seasoned yogi who can levitate while doing your taxes. ( many of us would like to know your secret, and may have questions like, “How do you type on a keyboard while you’re floating above it?!”

This is the perfect class to get your toes wet, or dive straight into the emotional waters with a true yogi as your guide.

Here are the details!

  • October 29th, 2019

  • Online via Zoom (Free for you to use) Upon registration, we will email you the Zoom link using the email you provided us when you signed up.

  • $65 + GST, payment via PayPal or e-transfer, email us to arrange payment.

  • The session will be recorded so you can listen back until your heart is content!

  • Current Spiritual Mentoring 1-1 Clients receive %10 off.


Here’s what people have to say about working with me:

I give a 5 star review for sure! I love working with Shana! I met her about 10 yrs ago, worked with her from time to time and she is currently assisting me with deep life transitions. Each time has been extremely helpful and I’m grateful for the work she does but also for who she is. She is respectful, intuitive, honest. She is direct yet very kind and will wait to find the right words to give the message that is needed at the time or be mindful about the right angle to approach a delicate situation. I worked with her for some deep personal stuff that I would have not shared with anyone else and felt totally accepted. She’s a blessing
— Martine
Shana has become one of the most important teachers in my life.
With every significant shift I’ve experienced in the last 10 years,
I turned to her. I love her energy, wisdom, perspective and
Guidance...she has gotten me through tough shifts. She’s a gift!
— Trish
I’ve been working with Shana for the last four months. She has truly helped me on my spiritual path. She’s easy to talk to and helps me understand why things have happened in my life. She’s truly amazing at helping me figure out how to change my life and follow my spiritual path. Thanks to Shana I have truly changed my life around for the better. I fully recommend her if your struggling with your path in life and spirituality.
— Glen
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