A Channeled Message from Rose

January 30th. 2019 A Gift from Spirit with Rose.                                    

Forgive, forgive, for it is the only way, for us all to proceed forward, for the beauty that is going to be given us.

We have to have forgiveness, for all things of the past, to go forward. There has been rough storms, and dangers with the waters, and it is all part of the movement of the change, and changes to all parts of this beautiful place, and when it is all settled and calm, it will be pristine, as the Great Father wants it all to be, worthy of the joys of being part of our Universe. There is so much, and this one we are showing her, how this place will be, which is not too far off, when the waters will be so clear, that even the depth of the waters will be so clear, and you will see what clear means. Today we are here for a very special reason, this has been arranged, at the request of this one, for she wants to give to a dear Soul, that is trying so hard, to help people understand, that we do live in two worlds, which is one world, it is the World of Spirit, and yes we have a very beautiful Physical World, so that we can be a part of the Physical World, while we are a Spirit growing and learning all we need to know, to be on the right path, for our progress, and our upliftment of our Soul, which is why we are here. We are here as a gift of the Great Father, as the first learning place of all new Souls, to come and understand the Physical Plane. For once you understand the Physical Plane it is very easy to start to understand the Spiritual Home that we all belong to. The Physical is just a small part of our Universe, but that is a part that helps make our Universe. There are many things to balance, many Planets, and many Stars, that all play their part in our Universe, in the Great Scheme of things. Everything that we have in our Universe, gives something to the Universe, something that is very special, that Mother Earth has, that other Planets that you know of have, they give off ingredients, essences, that the Universe needs, to make it all work so well. So, yes, it all runs in synchronization, and when the Great Light comes down, to lift us up, and purify us, then we can be a part of the Greatness of the Universe. Many are beginning to wonder, why we have been blocked off from knowing many things about the Universe, because things that had gone on here, that are not acceptable to the Universe. Our Universe is total Love, that is the power that runs our Universe, is Love, and there are Great, Great, fields of Love to be used for the betterment of all things, and now that man is raising up, and all those dense dark energies, are leaving Mother earth, or are now contained, until they can be helped into the Light, when they are ready. For that gift of free will is with every Soul, it is to be used wisely, to help you find your way, back to those higher vibrations, that are perfect to be in, when you have earned those steps that you have gone, on that ladder of Light. Each Soul arrives there when it is ready. There is much help given to each one of you, as you are aware, however, what you bring into your Soul, it is yours, and you have earned that, and that is what brings you into the Light.     This dear one has many thousands of years learning those lessons, and it is with patience, and love of those around her, that has guided her, every step of the way, and her great love for the understanding that is given to her, as each and everyone of us, when we open our hearts and say, I want to understand, please, show me the way, that is when you are ready, and you mean what you are asking for, and everything is opened up, to show you the way. So dear ones, much is coming, much is happening, and it is all for a purpose, it is preparing Mother Earth so she is ready to be lifted up, into the Light, so she can be a part of all that Love and all that Light, so only goodness can be in our Universe, and we will all be different, we will all be on a different vibration, because Mother Earth has earned that for us, and all of those that have been coming, over the centuries, have been doing that to raise the vibrations of this place, so she can be accepted, where she should be, as was always intended by the Great Father, for she has a very special work to do, she earned her place with much Love of taking care of all of us, until we realize, that we have to raise ourselves up, in our consciousness, to be above all of those things that were wrong, all of those bad decisions, all of those things that was never meant to be with this place, which has held us back, but now we are going to go forward, with a great new learning, of so much more, that we need to know,  who we are, why we are here, and what we are intended to do, and we each have a purpose, and we each will know our purpose, so that when we lift ourselves up into that Great Light of Understanding, this Magnificent Gift that we do have from the Great Father.                                                                                                                          So, dear ones, I was elected to come and tell you these things, for this will be a gift, as this one has asked for a gift for someone who is trying very hard to lift up Souls, in their way, and that is how they have  tried, and this is a deserving gift, for her intent is of the best, and of Great Love, to all of those that will understand what has been said today. I will leave knowing, that what we have said, will reach some of those that will listen, and set them on their path of a Great Adventure, of understanding the World of Spirit, and who we are. God Bless you all, thankyou for listening to me. I will leave.