Are you standing in your way?

Hi Friends!

This video is a candid exploration of how easily we can fall into believing that something isn’t destined for us when in actuality, it is our thoughts that stop the good from happening. I thought I was ‘immune’ until I stopped offering readings and I had a lot of time to myself and to be in my own energy field.

What has the video made you recognize? Realize?

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Struggling to meet your goals? Get Clarity? This week's Guidance fromEmpowering The Teenage Soul Oracle Cardsis to OPEN YOUR HEART- There is no room within us to be offended, unhappy, ignorant to our soul's good nature or cynical. 

Life can make you pessimistic: if you allow it.People have hurt you, you haven’t been heard or you’ve been betrayed. The longer you hold onto the pain, the greater chance you have of becoming an angry, depressed and anxious person. Let down your shield and release what’s weighing on you. 
No matter what’s happened in the past, dare to believe again. Although you feel justified in closing your heart: don’t. 
You are a multi-coloured being of light. When your heart is closed, your light loses its vibrancy and you can’t hear your intuition. When you open up and choose to see the best in others (despite their faults) your light shines and attracts other bright lights in the form of true friends and too good to be true incredible situations. You become a super magnet. Forgive. Be clear about what you will and will not accept and then open up.  Spirit is trying to help you: help yourself through this message. When you learn to trust yourself you will understand why things have happened the way they did. There are smoother roads ahead. Believe in love. 
Your mantra:
Light attracts light. I choose to give and receive light. It is safe me for to open my heart to life.