Sensing Your Light Energy Meditation

Hi Friends,

My desire for you with this week’s meditation is that you can begin to sense your incredible energy body. Pay attention to all the different sensations that are created by focusing on your hands, your head, your heart, your feet, etc. Energy flows naturally through our body and gathers wherever it is most needed, breaking up knots of resentment, anger, sadness, ignorance, etc. Let’s do our part and give all of our attention to each breathe and each exercise in the meditation. Leave behind your worries and dreams. Just BE.


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Your soul is calling. Have you been feeling tired and restless - unable to focus on what’s in front of you? It’s time to pause and go inside rather than seek answers from the outside. Other ideas and differing opinions could confuse you. Imagine an inner portal where you can go and recharge, get perspective and fill up your energy tank. This portal is just a thought and breath away. Use your imagination to create your happy place. Make it vivid and inviting. Spark your healing power by visualizing yourself bathed in beautiful healing lights. Inhale peace and exhale your worries. Your Spirit support team is listening and will send ideas and thoughts to help you navigate any situation you are faced with. Surrender your troubles and visualize yourself surrounded in a bubble of white light.You are expanding your light and shining bright. You can trust your spiritual connection.