Relax and Listen To Your Intuition

This week’s meditation focuses on relaxation and listening within. We ask ourselves, What do I need to know today? And then we allow our intuition to bring us subtle impressions. Keep a journal and write down what you receive. Be aware not to overcomplicate this process of receiving by being kind and open with yourself.

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Guardian Angel.jpeg

Guidance from Empowering The Teenage Soul Oracle Cards:

You are not alone! Walking beside you through all your ups and downs is your Guardian angel. Are you feeling hopeless?  Would you like to feel strong and confident, able to confront problems without losing your cool or your nerve? Or maybe you just need a hug and a supportive listening ear? Your guardian angel is here to uplift you through the energy of positivity, strength and protection. Listen to your heart and watch for new and happy situations to unfold. 

When Angels are present you’ll receive a boost of courage, your questions are answered and the right people offer to help you. Believe in yourself! Be patient as you grow and learn and become a person you are proud of. Speak up and you’ll be given the words to say. Take action and you’ll know where to step. Help others and you’ll be helped. Don’t give up when life gets tough.Trust that goodness will always prevail regardless of temporary circumstances.  With the help of your guardian angel, ‘You’ve got this.’