Strength & Security- Base Chakra Meditation

This week’s Meditation is focused on expanding our awareness of the potentials that lie within our base chakra- the seat of our physical expression from Soul into physical form.

Our intention is to keep strengthening our visualization abilities, stay focused on the one task given in the meditation without letting our mind wander, and remaining devotional. You can dedicate this meditation to someone you love if you’d like to strengthen your resolve to go deeper.

The Base Chakra is our energy centre for gathering our vital energy, courage and confidence among other things. Become mindful of not falling long into insecurity, aggressiveness or apathy.

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The more you work with your intuition and chakras, you’ll find yourself choosing a greater variety of high vibe foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Don’t be surprised if what you loved yesterday no longer appeals to you. Your body will reward you with more energy and clearer skin.  Don’t worry, you’ll find delicious alternatives. Find a cookbook you love. Experiment. Make something colourful and new. Take note of how food affects your moods based on what you eat. Be good to yourself as you experiment and find what’s best for you.