Your Weekly Guidance for January 13th-19th


HEART CHAKRA POWER from Empowering The Teenage Soul Oracle Cards.

 Emerald green. It’s loving and compassionate. Your heart chakra is your giving and receiving zone for feelings. Like a door, you can open or close it. When you open your heart, you are able to give without strings attached, you are able to love freely and “see” honestly. Your heart is one of your internal warning systems and will tense up when something isn’t right for you. Stay connected to the magic inside by visualizing a green bubble expanding from within your heart to encompass your whole body.Imagine yourself as a warm, loving, compassionate bubble of green light. Practice speaking and listening from your heart centre. Watch what unfolds. You can cleanse and balance heartbreak, sadness and irritation by connecting with your heart. 

Shana’s advice:

Quite literally this week’s guidance speaks about the practice of conscious communication and the act of speaking and listening from the heart. How often have we all said something out of defensiveness, confusion or frustration only to quickly discover that we misinterpreted the other person’s meaning? We may quickly fall into shame or guilt as a way to scold ourselves for not being “spiritual” enough. While, instead, the remedy lies in gentle awareness. We can say inside ourselves, ‘Oh look, I really jumped on that. Okay, deep breaths, what is another way I can address this? Let me change my tone!”

Another scenario that may present itself as we consciously connect with the heart chakra: We’ve become good at speaking honestly about our needs and perceptions, yet we often feel our truth is rejected by others? Friends and loved ones appear to dismiss our new found perceptions and even negate our growth.

When this happens we may want to slide back into the cave (or closet!) we briefly came out of. The solution is to be present, even in the face of rejection and to tell ourselves, ‘Look at you go! You’re really courageous and I’m proud of you. Look at all the wonderful changes happening within you.” We become the voice of acceptance for ourselves, rather than desperately yearning for love from others. The pressure is off, we feel better about ourselves and people start to ‘suddenly’ acknowledge us for the beautiful changes we’ve made.

A brief technique: Use your breath and mind to centre your awareness into your heart. See how long you can maintain a strong and steady sense of yourself, unattached to any outside identities. Specifically, don’t attach any meaning to your worth. For instance, it’s tempting to say, “Good job, you did this or that.” And count all the things you’ve done right. Then your sense of self-love will be based on moving circumstances. Base your love on your divinity. Even as you’re still discovering it. Even as you are falling, flailing or fearful. Don’t wait to begin this practice. Stop denying the beauty that is you. Divinity chose you as one expression- unlike any other.

Until next week,

Shana Lee 🙏