Todays Spiritual Tip: You Are Growing Spiritually

The joy’s of Spiritual Growth

Right now we are in a season of collective soul unfoldment which means that all of us, as a whole, will meet with some of the rather difficult parts of our personality. Any fear-based beliefs, ways of being and thinking, are based in ego and will therefore begin to break apart, resulting in breakdowns. We should remember that the Soul is wise and not weak, even though we may feel vulnerable and exposed at times of deep growth. Any revelations about ourselves are meant to usher us into a new level of spiritual growth, growing closer to the Divine. Unfortunately, growth is never convenient and doesn’t work to fit in with other’s personal agendas. The best way to navigate the energy now is to watch your thoughts, reach out to trusted friends & mentors, and hang onto hope! This too will pass and you’ll find yourself on the other end of difficulty, happy with your new surroundings. Use the power of the Crown Chakra, through breathe work and guided visualization to stay connected to Spirit through all the ups and downs. You will come out of this period of time stronger than ever before. Let Spirit work through you in your life, by praying for divine intercession, saying regular affirmations, being quick to ‘let things go,’ and keep telling yourself, ‘There is a plan and this pain is part of it.’ Miracles are born out of acceptance and surrender.

CROWN CHAKRA POWER Shimmering violet, inspiring and humble. The crown chakra is an ever-unfolding lotus at the top of your head. Connected to the Spirit worlds, you have access to intuitive insight and life- altering thoughts. Known as the Buddha mind when you tap into this power centre, negative thoughts scatter as your focus becomes crystal clear. You feel tuned in as if a light has been switched on inside of you. Suddenly everything becomes clear. You naturally desire to honour the sacredness of life including the tiniest of creatures. Unstoppable, yet content with knowing you are never alone and spiritually protected. Inhale violet and see it form a flower over your head, opening itself towards the sun. You are part of an intricate web of life. 

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