Todays Spiritual Tip: When I'm Seeking Answers

When I am seeking answers from God through my Clairvoyance, I pray and ask for clarity on the subject of your question. I am looking for the truth to be shown to me. Here’s the thing- you’ve asked me a question but something else may come up- it’s an action step to take. I call it, ‘The need you need that you didn’t know you needed.’ (Yep, lol!) 

Then you’ll have one less thing you need to do before you experience the manifestation of your desire. There is no such thing as Fate. Nothing is fated to happen so throw that out of your mind. Life happens according to our karma, our desires, our focus, and others influence. An easy way to anchor yourself in the most powerful manifestation of health, abundance, and healing is to give power to truth through prayer and meditation, daily appreciation, generosity, kindness, and dedication.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and claim your best! You may have ill-health but if you lose yourself in the experience of ‘being sick’, you’ll need to pick yourself up and seek balance, spiritual healing (reiki, crystal healing, etc), better diet, fresh air, breathing and emotional healing. And see your doctor! Along the way you’ll have tiny feelings like – quit your job, go to yoga, walk the dog along the ocean, stop eating cheese, dress warmer, etc etc. If you are cynical or have become jaded by your experience you will ignore these voices. Listen! Take action. Face the fear and do what needs to be done. See yourself healed and happy- leave yesterday there. SERIOUSLY. LET IT GO. I hope you appreciate the information I see for you and I pray that you are uplifted by the answer even if it’s not what you’re expecting. While I would love to go deep into detail, a blog is not the place to do it. I don’t offer Readings anymore but you can work with me to get on the path toward your hoped-for changes and dreams! Don’t say it can’t be done… believe.

Here go five questions in the order they were received: 

#1. My question to you is regarding my health. Am I finally on the right path? Will this pain I’m having now start to get better? Donna


#2. I am wondering if my new venture is going to work out. I keep having conflicting anxieties and doubts but am trying to trust my creativity and intuition. Kira


#.3 came to see you for a reading 2 years ago in October/November. With my Mom.
It was a great reading, but you mentioned that someone was leaving me dimes, or Did I notice dimes around? I did connect with this a bit, but not really. But now I find dimes everywhere! In very random spots too. So much, that my 8-year-old daughter also has noticed it. My question is who is leaving me these dimes? Who is connecting to me through the dimes?


#4. Will I be very happy with my settlement for the divorce? Meaning what my negotiations with my lawyer to his lawyer? Tania


#5.Am I on the right 2nd career path? Mt first career flowed easily and I was successful. However for the transition into my 2nd career, after taking several years off to raise my child, it has been very difficult to launch. At times there is encouragement and it feels right yet most of the time there is so much resistance and I am not moving forward or succeeding. It feels as though I am on the wrong path. Any insights are welcome. Kim 


I’ve been true to what I’ve seen and felt but I haven’t gotten into specific’s because it’s not appropriate in this kind of situation. Trust your spiritual connection and keep empowering yourself! 

Many blessings,
Shana Lee xxx