Todays Spiritual Tip: What is Your Soul Whispering to You?

I woke up with one thought on my mind. Appearing like the sun through the morning fog was: 

‘Count your Soul in’  

…When you’re in a room of strangers.
…When you’re amongst friends.
…When things are working out.
…When things aren’t working out.
…When everyone likes you.
…When it seems like you can’t find a friend.
…When you’re flying high, conquering your fears.
…When you are falling behind, intimated by your daily tasks.
…When no one ‘sees’ you and you can’t ‘see’ yourself.
…When you’re wildly in love.
…When you’re single.

No matter what life brings you, count your soul in. Forget what others are saying about you. If you base your self worth on all the praise you receive, you may be afraid to keep growing. It all fades away, both the pleasure and the pain. Nothing in this dimension is forever. You can turn your life around in an instant. All it takes is one heartfelt decision to accept Grace. You can stop the inner battle against your beautiful soul self and the unconditionally loving God (or whatever you call source) that is overseeing your life, guiding your every step- the moment you ask for divine assistance. Choose love and joy. Count your soul in.

Wake up. You are temporarily out of sync with your soul: succumbing to other people’s ideas to fit in will not make you or anyone else happy. In fact, you’ll be miserable trying to keep up the façade. You may even attract a few mean spirited friends and difficult circumstances. Step up. Show others what being beautiful means by gathering your strength, courage and confidence. Move forward as the real, unedited version of you. Work with what you’ve got instead of molding yourself to fit other peoples’ ideals. Make yourself feel good by wearing complementary clothes and colours you love. Self-acceptance starts on the inside; however, a little primping will help lift your spirits. Play your favourite music and allow the song’s lyrics to create a personal statement to keep you focused on your good points. Write down your fears on a piece of paper and visualize them being erased and new beginnings appearing in their place. Life only gets better when you’re wholeheartedly you. Your soul is whispering: “That’s a promise!”