Todays Spiritual Tip: What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

What are your dreams telling you about your soul’s journey during sleep?

Here are four common dreams and their meanings:

#1. You enter a house and it’s the same house you go to time and time again in the dreamworld- yet you’ve never been there before in life. 

Answer: The house represents the limitations you often perceive within your mind and depending on what you’re doing in the house, there is often a feeling within the dream that represents the predominant emotion you feel in daily life. Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up. Are you feeling strong? Empowered? Helpless? Sad? Blah? Make notes and adjust your point of focus during the day to strengthen your self.

#2. You are sleeping and suddenly, you can’t move no matter how hard you try, it feels impossible. You’re paralyzed and you think someone is ‘on top’ of you or a ‘person’ has entered the room. It takes what feels like eons to wake up and upon waking you feel groggy and somewhat disoriented. 

Answer: You’re sleeping but you’re also getting ready to wake up and you’re caught between worlds so to speak. Spiritually- your soul has traveled and is coming fully back into your body. There is a slight adjustment as you come back to conscious awareness. As humans we are quick to think of all the scary things that happen when we leave our body, so we may project a scary image or happening. In some cases, sensitives will in fact see or feel a Spirit. Once you wake up, all is back to normal.

#3. You dream of your ex and you’re back together. Everything is as it once was- and yet in reality, you’ve moved on with your life and you are now in a committed & happy relationship. 

Answer: One of your soul lessons is being revealed to you through this type of dream. Ask yourself, What were my behaviours in that relationship? What did I believe about myself while in that relationship? What did I accept that I later discovered isn’t acceptable to me? Am I repeating or allowing any of these behaviours, thoughts and beliefs to influence my current relationship? Your soul will show you ways to grow beyond the old so you can be even happier and stop defeating yourself.

Lastly, when you dream of your deceased loved one and you wake feeling as though they were there even if the messages are murky- you’ve had a visitation. Trust it and send up your love and gratitude to them. 

What dreams are you having? Share and let me know in the comments below! 

The best way to interpret your soul messages through your dreams is to keep a journal by your bed and write down how you feel when you wake up. What images do you remember? Are there predominant themes? Spiritualize your dreams by bringing contemplation in your day along with prayer and meditation.

Do you have wild and crazy dreams – dreams that come true? Have you woken up at three o’clock in the morning with a vague recollection of a message only to forget it when you wake up hours later? Your soul is revealing answers through your dreams. The landscapes may be fuzzy, yet familiar, so keep a journal by your bedside and take notes. If you would like some guidance (for physical, mental or emotional healing) from your intuitive self before you fall asleep simply ask, “Please help me to receive and remember intuitive guidance through my dreams.” Depending on what you need, you may receive a quick healing through your aura; for example, an encouraging visit from one of your deceased loved ones or good vibes to help you through a worrisome situation. When you sleep your logical mind rests and your intuitive mind wakes up. Let the dream world teach you about yourself and show you pieces of the puzzle you may be missing. To amp up your receptivity while you sleep, turn off your electronics and consider spraying your room with your favourite aromatherapy scent. And, as you fall asleep, hold a calming gemstone or listen to beautiful music. Trust what you are experiencing in the dream world to be subconscious messages and supportive guidance that will lead you in the right direction. Take notes, your dreams are speaking to you.