Weekly Guidance- Tap Into Your Sacral Chakra

Weekly Guidance for March 5th 

Ripe orange, happy and outgoing. Your sacral chakra helps you to express yourself creatively. Nothing remains dull or boring when you tap into this power centre. Paint your walls, play with your wardrobe; express your unique style. Your positive perspective, inner joy and synchronistic connections to others are the virtues of orange. Inhale this happy colour and smile. You are not an island, but part of a creative network of souls. Reach out to friends, share your thoughts and create a project. Let yourself feel all your emotions and channel them into a smorgasbord of fun! Troubles shrink and are easily transmuted when you invoke the sacral chakra to work with you. 

How this applies to you this week: 

#1. Any problem can be solved! Open the eyes of your soul by telling yourself you are willing to accept truth in new and exciting ways. Even if it’s daunting at first. For instance you discover through self reflection that you really don’t like your job and you want the courage to move on but the whole time you’ve been telling yourself that if only your boss left, you’d be happy. 

#2. No one is an island and yet it is important to know our own energy and what feeds us. Once we’ve established our strength within it’s safe to open up to new and old friends! Life is too short to hold a grudge, open your heart and go with the flow. 

#3. We all have a daily routine that keeps us on track, everyone fed and life rolling along. However, this card is about the extraordinary! Walk a different route to work, do that thing you’ve wanted to do- even if it’s just one tiny step. Step into your dream life by being present to all that life is showing you. 

You are deeply loved~ embrace it.