Weekly Guidance- Gather Your Strength, Confidence and Courage

Your Guidance for the week of February 12th- February 18th, 2018


Wake up. You are temporarily out of sync with your soul: succumbing to other people’s ideas to fit in will not make you or anyone else happy. In fact, you’ll be miserable trying to keep up the façade. You may even attract a few mean-spirited friends and difficult circumstances. Step up. Show others what being beautiful means by gathering your strength, courage, and confidence. Move forward as the real, unedited version of you. Work with what you’ve got instead of molding yourself to fit other peoples’ ideals. Make yourself feel good by wearing complementary clothes and colours you love. Self-acceptance starts on the inside; however, a little primping will help lift your spirits. Play your favourite music and allow the song’s lyrics to create a personal statement to keep you focused on your good points. Write down your fears on a piece of paper and visualize them being erased and new beginnings appearing in their place. Life only gets better when you’re wholeheartedly you. Your soul is whispering: “That’s a promise!”

Specific ways this may show up for you this week:

– Tell your loved one/ friends how you ‘really’ feel. Don’t just keep the peace to prevent short-term pain when you can have long-term harmony.
– Go through your closet and re-visit your clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry. Create new outfits incorporating clothes you already have. Brighten things up, step out of your comfort zone and get rid of clothes (stuff) that you’ve labeled ‘someday’ or ‘when.’
– Play beautiful (empowering) music that speaks to you and consider what about the song makes you feel good? Make a mental note to believe in yourself no matter what’s happened.
– The best way to know yourself is to spend time in silence, listening to yourself. You’ll quickly discover how kind/ mean/ loving/ friendly you’ve been to yourself by how you feel when you’re alone. Decide to honor everything you’re feeling even if it’s awkward or uncomfortable. Just remember- you are more than your feelings.
– Be yourself! Laugh. Be your quirky self and catch yourself when you are tempted to blend into the room. Don’t shut down! Share your experiences and unique perspective. SMILE and spread the love!  Have a beautiful week, Shana Lee xx