Today's Spiritual Tip: Three Reasons To Stop Worrying

We all find ourselves worrying and imagining worst case scenarios. It’s natural to ponder all the ways things can go wrong. However, if you are living your life on the edge of worry, waiting for the other shoe to drop, it’s time to go on a worry diet and regain a healthy sense of life. You deserve to enjoy each day. 

Good things don’t just come to good people, they come to people who look for the good in life and for those who are convinced their share is due them just because they exist- despite bad conditions, their past behaviours or even their best laid plans. They have chosen to believe in themselves and a friendly version of God (or the Universe) who is essentially- ‘looking out for each one of us.’ 

Here are three reasons to go on a worry diet: 

#1.It’s good for your health. Worry affects our nervous system and activates our fight or flight response. When we are constantly in a state of worry, our bodies enter a holding pattern and our cells stop functioning harmoniously. We are literally programming our cells for sickness by digesting too much fear. By living in a state of tension we are telling our cells we aren’t strong enough to handle obstacles so we can end up succumbing to illness, weight gain, mood swings, etc. 

#2.You’ll recognize an amazing opportunity when it comes to you. Worry teaches our mind to focus on everything that is wrong, can go wrong and is wrong with the world. Let’s say you want to meet a new partner. Instead of preparing yourself for all the good you want to receive and all the good you’re ready to give, you replay what went wrong in the past and all the reasons it won’t work out in the future. You then stop magnetizing your good to you because you started focusing on all the bad that could happen and walla! You’re back to attracting frogs. Not to mention you’ll miss the simple beauty and amazingness of each day from a budding flower to the smile of a stranger. (I’ve seen this MANY times in my practice- it wasn’t destiny that changed the direction of a chance encounter, it was the pattern of fear that drove love away.)

#3.Peace, passion and purpose will fill your heart. When you use your power to worry, you are no longer living in the magic so you will miss ‘lucky breaks’ and synchronicities. You start living in the mundane everyday existence of ‘what you see is what you get,’ and trust me there is way more to life than meets the eye. 

Stop believing the people who tell you to settle for mediocre. Face your fears around why it can’t happen for you. Of course it can! What you believe is what you will experience and once you start to apply this new idea, evidence of this truth will show up in your life. 

Train yourself to take deep breaths and focus on your wise observer self. Calm your heart and question your thoughts. Just because it’s your thoughts, doesn’t mean they are true or helpful. Our wise self is ready and willing to guide us if we surrender to it through practical trust and self love. 

Try it and see what happens! 

Start with a one day worry diet and work up to 30 days. Whose with me?

Shana Lee x