Todays Spiritual Tip: Only Do What Your Heart Tells You

Embrace Uncertainty. When things aren’t happening the way you’d like, get excited. You are about to discover something new about yourself. Release your tight grip and ride the flow. Good things are coming to you! 

You are enough. If you and I sat down together and I tuned into the Spirit within you, I would see all the incredible possibilities you have to live a fulfilling life of purpose. I would become aware of your strengths and natural talents; areas where you shine day to day. Most likely you’d pass me off and say, ‘Oh that?’ ‘That’s nothing.’ ‘I do that all the time.’ And you’d have me search for something bigger, more extravagant in your eyes- a worthy life that touches the world. Then I would add,’and yes, you can make a good living doing what you love,’ you’re going to doubt me because it seems impossible to believe something amazing could happen to you. Once I sensed doubt within you, I would energetically empower you and pray that your Soul reveals your God-given power to move mountains. 

We all want concrete answers so we can stop doubting but that’s not how it works. Doubt is a bad habit and it’s a slippery slope that leads to fear and inertia while feeding guilt and shame along the way. Make sure that what you want springs from your heart and then work your faith muscles. Starve doubt. You’ll see the gift you’ve held all along once you begin to believe in the Spirit within you.

Remain open. Don’t let life jade you. Release cynicism and stop saying, ‘but…. but, but.’ There’s room for us all on the happy trail. Stop seeking certainty and embrace the flow of uncertainty. 

As the beautiful Princess Diana clearly said: “Only do what your heart tells you.”