Tips For Todays Teen- Advice I Wish I Was Given

Looking back on my Teen years, I wish someone had taken time to tell me a few important things. As a sensitive I was often aware of stuff I didn’t want to know such as someone’s intentions, when trouble was brewing and bad news was coming. My teen years were a mix of confusion, torture, adventure and fun. I wish someone had told me I wasn’t crazy and that my feelings and senses were legitimate. Here are the key things I want you to know (parents- share with your kids!) that I wished I’d known. 

#1. Your feelings (a casual sense, knowing without knowing why kinda feeling) about someone or something are legitimate- trust them and proceed cautiously. 

#2. Now that you’ve made friends with your feelings, you need to know your feelings will (feel like) they are trying to control you. One minute you’ll be happy you got something you wanted and the next, you’ll feel angry at what you don’t have. Emotions are like a giant roller coaster; anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, compassion and playfulness will come and go like the wind even though they feel all too real when you’re in the thick of them. 

#3. The secret is that sometimes your feelings will feel you and you’ll have to think your way out of your pain. What you tell yourself is going to alter your feelings. Keep it simple. If you tell yourself you’re awesome, you’ll feel good. If you tell yourself you suck, you’ll feel bad. Tell yourself honest, kind things. 

#4. Your wild imagination is a tool you can use to imagine yourself happy, help others and share your unique perspective. Tap into your imagination whenever you wish and share your thoughts with the people around you and make something that comes from your heart and expresses how you see the world. 

#5. As a sensitive you may want to please people and forget about your needs. Friendships become one sided and you’ll suffer. Instead, be honest and be yourself. Don’t let someone hang off of you and not give you their fair share. You’ll end up unhappy and lonely- even in their presence. 

#6. Your mantra for daily survival: This too shall pass. Trust those who have gone before you. One day you will look back and say, I learned a lot about myself. Yes, you will if you choose to see life as a series of lessons and opportunities to grow.

#7. You are so so loved. Not just by your family. There is a loving force that is upholding this planet that loves you more than you can imagine. With that love is a plan for your life. Listen and be open. 

Practice being you more and more everyday. Don’t edit your speech to fit someones expectations or change your art to be marketable- express your happiness because the world needs you

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Shana Lee x