Todays Spiritual Tip: Stop Putting Your Needs Last

I was abnormally tired and weak. My body felt ten times heavier than normal and I was starving. It’s not that I wasn’t eating because I was, though perhaps not enough. Another day of readings and hearts to mend, or at least offer some peace. In my mind I was a crusader, offering every good part of me to each client walking through my door and on the phone. Google calendar was full of appointments with no end in sight. I’d squeeze in another client here, another client there. How could I turn anyone away in the midst of such pain? 

While I was listening to the needs of others, I managed to silence my own needs. Instead of a meal I’d have a protein bar. Looking back I can see the signs of burnout long before my body collapsed. It all started in my mind where I believed I could go without and be okay. Truly I was focusing in the energy world so much I wasn’t paying attention to my physical needs. Somehow I had convinced myself I was superwoman. Our bodies are amazing and can go without proper nourishment until one day it demands our attention. 

Needless to say, my body is healing nicely since working with my doctor and naturopath. Illness has given me the gift of myself back to me. I now truly value balance and my own needs. Some patterns of ‘doing too much’ sneak back in but I see them now and call myself out lovingly. I remind myself that I’m learning a new skill and it takes time for it to stick.

If you are feeling heavy, irritable, uninspired and continually sad and if you are suffering from ongoing colds, take a good look at yourself and be honest. Ask yourself, Am I always putting my needs last? There are better ways of working that don’t include climbing every mountain or fixing everything at the expense of mental and physical health. You matter, and Spirit has a role for you that is not quite what you expected and yet you will be so happy as you fulfill it. Go inward and listen, start the search toward your true path.

Stop suffering and listen. Your illness has a gift. Burnout isn’t natural and it isn’t from the Soul. It stems from wrong thinking and sad beliefs. Pray and ask for the courage to know yourself as a loving and capable person and to be released from addictive work patterns. A new way will emerge. 

You can do this! 

Shana Lee x