Todays Spiritual Tip: Are You Standing In The Way Of Your Healing

How might you be standing in the way of your healing right now? 

The online Dictionary says this about Healing: Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
“the gift of healing”



We all know how good it feels to finally beat a flu or cold. Suddenly, we appreciate our lives and even the small nuances that seem to slow us down each day. But what about the soul and the invisible burden of past unprocessed experiences it carries?

Take a moment and focus on your breath. Ask yourself, ‘Am I standing in the way of healing?’ Relax and listen. Sometimes it takes longer for us to become receptive to our higher-wise self, especially if we’re not used to asking ourselves these kinds of questions. 

If we make room through meditation, our soul will rise up and show us a new way of being. Human nature can be impatient, critical and negative so we can look to and rely on constructive self talk as the doorway to healing. Without realizing it, we are crushing our souls voice by discounting pertinent dreams and symbols we receive. At first, it may seem strange as we ask ourselves what a symbol might mean for us? We may worry that we’ll lose a sense of reality if we dive too deeply into our subconscious mind. While it’s human nature to be initially apprehensive, the quality of our happiness is determined by our ability to see what filter we are experiencing the world through. It’s time to give our sixth sense a front row seat in our lives and regularly dose ourselves with radical self trust. We are receiving invaluable guidance all the time and it’s coming in ways our soul understands yet our minds can’t comprehend. 

A few examples of how we stand in our own way:

– Procrastinate on making healthy changes, rationalizing that its a money, partner, world problem and not myn. (I don’t need to change, they do)
– Talk about our ex partner, boss, neighbour, and all the awful things he/she did but refuse to see a counsellor so we can move on.
– Eat, drink and smoke to self soothe rather than clean up our mental landscape.
– Accept anything people say and change our truth to match the ‘norm’, discounting our own voice.
– Believe what our parents/ church/ partner/ friends/ golf club believes just because they seem to be doing okay on their spiritual path.
– Accept every thought we think as our own and as the truth.
– Remain cynical of spiritual ideals therefore not opening our minds & hearts to meaning.

Here are simple steps you can take to get back into a healing soul zone without moving to the mountains, buying a lama and retiring from facebook

– Create a simple daily (or weekly) Q & A you can ask yourself: 

#1. What do I need today?
#2. What am I feeling? (Is this a constant feeling or circumstantial?)
#3. What loving thought do I need to repeat often? 

– Find your inner healer: Inside of you is a wise self and an inner healer. Look back into your life and notice what made you feel calm and the most connected as a young person? What activities, places and people reflected wholeness and harmony for you? 

– Step outside of your right/ wrong, either/ or box. I can’t tell you how many times people have said, I don’t do Naturopath’s or Homeopath’s and those same people suffer from disease day in and day out for years. You have permission to meet and greet ten different alternate doctors until you find someone you trust and let things take their course. Take the moderate route and pay attention to the results. Marry your willingness with their expertise and magic happens. 

– Be a curious observer of your own life and notice your greatest stressors. If needed, eliminate or slowly transition out of a low vibe situation. On the flip side, you can eliminate people, jobs and houses but you’ll still be left with you. If you notice your reactions are often ones of defensiveness, anger, jealousy, disappointment, avoidance, etc it’s not them- (the job, the person, etc, etc,) it’s you. You need a big dose of honesty and compassion. Go back to step 2 and contact me for further guidance or a high integrity practitioner to get you on a new and healthy track. You have a well of wisdom and happiness, time to let the cynic go! 

– Believe in your souls voice to lead you to healing words, books, teachers and friends so you can practice loving yourself and the source within you. Others benefit from our positivity.

Lastly, stop taking crap from yourself. Take a kind stance in your painful places and seek healing. 

Let me know how it goes!

Happy healing,
Shana Lee x 

To Learn more about healing, check out You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.