Weekly Guidance- Re-Write The Script

Weekly Guidance For May 7th

This week’s card from Empowering The Teenage Soul Oracle Cards is Re-write the script. I chose these sentences below out of the entire meaning to best represent the energy we will be contending with this week.

Although your current situation may be challenging, you always have choices. Meditate. Awaken your inner detective. Use your intuition to spot golden opportunities while steering clear of drama. Your intuition is a wise guide that will teach you how to clearly read situations.

How often have you felt unequipped to deal with the situations that arise? Even when your intentions are well-meaning, others may misinterpret your intentions. Be sincere and let the rest go. It’s easy to fall into dramatic thinking like, ‘I can’t do anything right,’ or ‘They deserve what they get,’ etc. Simplify your focus for this week by being good to yourself and the people you encounter. Your positive energy will attract potential golden opportunities. Chin up! Onward and upward. 

Shana Lee x