Todays Spiritual Tip: Meant To Be, Or Ignoring The Truth

Is this meant to be? Should I take this job? Date this person?

Those of us on the spiritual path often look for signs of confirmation. We understand choices are solely ours to make and yet we seek the universe’s blessing. Through trial and error we discover that this world is made up of choices and that each time we are faced with a situation we are emotionally attached to, it becomes harder to find the truth and discern the best pathway. What I’ve discovered is that we need to follow certain criteria so we don’t fall into magical thinking and ignore the obvious. For example, you meet someone and they are married but because you feel a strong connection to them you override common sense and the obvious truth. You may argue, I pulled the Soulmates card! Or, I had a dream we would be together! However, the truth is the truth and the best pathway to take is one of honesty and complete transparency. Do the right thing and mind your business. If things are meant to go another direction they will, but if you force your will on someone or something to fulfill your desires, you will not end up happy and where you’re meant to be. Don’t talk yourself into something. Instead, honour what you know, admit the truth of the situation and have the courage to go for what you truly want. 

Yes! You can still pull your oracle cards and consult your dreams. However, the best way to interpret the symbols you receive is to first calm yourself through a guided audio meditation available in our online store and with this audio, sit by the beach and listen to the waves, taking deep breaths and/ or simply putting your hand on your heart and focusing on it for a few minutes. Next, say everything you’re grateful for and state your intention, either out loud or silently, to know the truth and take action. Have faith, the universe is listening! 

Many times it’s not immediately clear the pathway we are on is our destined path and we may feel like we are leaping into an abyss. Though you will initially walk in faith and life may be hard for awhile, you will be guided to the best situation for you and it will come to you in ways you never anticipated and no one could have predicted. 

If you’re struggling to let go of past experiences, check out this video on turning hard situations into lessons. 

Quick tips to stay connected to your destiny: Don’t ignore the obvious, use common sense and stay open to magic.