Interview: Proof Of Heaven


The quickening is happening NOW! Days, months and years are flying by at what feels like light speed. Full moons, blue moons, super moons, eclipses and the seasons are piggybacking each other! Phew …
Because we are needing to adapt to the new vibrations of the NOW, it is so important to feed our souls with extra support and loving information to stabilize mind, body and spirit.
To help you to feel comfortable during these shifts in consciousness, I am giving you a special access pass to help you with your Soul’s Personal Mission here on Earth.
The PROOF OF HEAVEN interview series will dispel fear and provide you with an energetic seatbelt to keep you safely wrapped in love and trust.
It’s all free and stocked full of evidence that we as Soul’s Don’t Die. We are Infinite Soul Beings! (presently dressed in a physical body)
When you plan a vacation, you typically research the desired destination, right? You plan and organize what to bring and what to leave behind.
On April 16th when the PROOF OF HEAVEN interview series goes live with the first expert speaker, you will be learning what to pack for your Homecoming Voyage back to Spirit and how to leave dense energies of fear behind. We have lots of personal work to do to help raise the vibration of love for each and every one of us and ultimately the whole of humanity.
Here are some of the topics of conversation:
What happens when we die?
What are we here to accomplish?
What happens in the Life Review?
Proof that we are never ever alone.
How does fear affect our physical & spiritual health?
How can we learn to communicate with our loved ones in Spirit?
All the above and so much more!

These daily conversations with experiential evidence will help keep your feet on the ground AND bridge Spirit with Soul while in a body.

Besides my interview, you will be hearing stories from NDE experiencers, spontaneous out of body experiencers, walk-ins, mediums, doctors and scientists, as well as spiritual leaders tell their story and provide their personal proof of life beyond the physical.

The Free interview series goes live to the public on April 16th where there will be one interview released per day ~ Mon to Fri with replays on the weekends.
The experts are also sharing free gifts for you to enjoy! It’s a real party and you will have lots & lots of takeaways that have the potential to lighten humanity globally and I am so happy to be part of that!
Here is where you can sign up to listen in: Proof of Heaven
Feel good about sharing this link and the ripple effect will go even further!
I hope that you can make it to the party!

See you on the calls!
Shana Lee Gibson xx

PS: BONUS #1 ~ As soon as you sign up you will receive a bonus video interview with Erica McKenzie. Her story will truly show you evidence of the LOVE that is waiting for us when we go Home. She came back from her NDE to spread the message of Love so we can have it all now before we leave this body.

PPS: BONUS #2 ~ As an added Bonus, Erica is gifting you with an audio version of her preface and first chapter of her book called DYING TO FIT IN. Get admission to the PARTY here