Todays Spiritual Tip: Do You Struggle To Speak The Truth

Do you hesitate to speak up?
Do you assume your experience isn’t valid or you won’t be understood?
Are you hard on yourself when you do something and it’s not perfect?
Do you crave peace and often feel like you can’t have your needs met without sacrificing the needs of your loved ones? 

If you answered yes! The short exercise in this week’s video will be immensely helpful for you.

Royal blue, loyal and true. Your throat chakra helps you to listen to yourself and make decisions that are right for you. Practice listening to the thoughts in your head and challenge the voices that are judgmental and fearful. Your viewpoint is unique. Others need to see the real you in order to be inspired by you. Blue is uplifting in its healing embrace. Listen to your conscience, stand tall and say what’s weighing down on you. Your needs may change. Be open and flexible as you discover the power of your voice in the world. Write, create and allow what is. These are the virtues of the throat chakra.

An additional resource to learn the art of speaking up in a positive and constructive way is The Assertiveness Workbook. It’s an excellent book designed to change the way you communicate with the world!