Todays Spiritual Tip: Bad Energy? Cleanse Your Space

Energy needs to flow and sometimes residual energy creates havoc on your energetic, mental and physical health. Let’s get you started! 

Are you feeling…

– Unmotivated
– Edgy and annoyed more easily
– Negative
– Heavy
– Unusually sad

Chances are good your house needs an influx of good energy! Start by clearing clutter, cleaning the space and smudging. Finish with a sweetgrass ceremony and you’re good to go.

Have you ever entered a building where the energy feels off, heavy or bad and you want to run for the hills? Or maybe you’ve sat in an old chair or handled an antique and got the heebie-jeebies. Energy gathers like dust. As an intuitive, you are aware of and sensing the energy connected to the things you touch and the places you visit: your room will be no different. It, like you, needs a good cleaning physically and energetically. Energy is like dust it collects in the strangest places and hangs on. You may find yourself moodier than normal, or you are having trouble falling asleep, or you can’t seem to find the motivation to complete your homework or even call your best friend. Invoke the cleansing power of sage and use your intention to move out any old, stuck energy. Welcome the new into the space you are in. You’ll feel a shift right away and wonder why it took you so long to get moving.

Try Gaia TV’s beautiful Smudging Ritual, or pick up a piece of Palo Santo and burn it while chanting into the night. ? Have as much fun as you want while making your space fresh and happy! Gaia.comhas an excellent breakdown of the various rituals you can use to cleanse yourself and your space.

I personally love smudging with a bunch of fresh sage and room sprays like the ‘Aura Cleanse’ by Danielle Searancke.