Todays Spiritual Tip: Are You Open To Devine Guidance?

Direct Divine Guidance can oftentimes seem out of reach, so we look instead, to signs such as feathers, numbers, coins, etc, as affirmations that we are on the right path. And don’t get me wrong, these signs are wonderful; you find a dime that correlates to an important year or shortly after thinking about a deceased loved one, you are contemplating a big change and you keep finding feathers wherever you go, number sequences such as 111, 333, 555, 888, 999 seem to ‘haunt’ you by showing up wherever you are.
You may be consulting google for answers and keep coming up short.
Without a direct connection, you’re still left questioning and signs are up for interpretation. You may be asking the universe, “But how do I know what steps to take?”
That is a good question! And a completely valid one.
So, what is the difference between signs and direct divine communication? Signs are happening outside of us as found in our environment, and direct Divine communication is happening inside of us- as audible words, thoughts or crystal clear visions. While it may seem like asking God to speak to you is ‘asking too much’ or ‘going too big’- nothing could be further from the truth. Think of signs as daily winks from your loving divine friends whereas direct communications are conscious conversations between Soul and Spirit. This sort of communication is truly transformative, miraculous, and long lasting. 

Let’s tap into Direct Divine Guidance this week.

I have a challenge for you and here’s how it’s going to look.

* Sit and pray in the language of your heart, or state your intention silently and meaningfully to be universally connected.
* Once you’ve become quieter inside, ask for Divine Communication to come in the form of words this week.
* Believe that you’ve been heard. For indeed, God is listening to you even now.

There are three ways this can happen, starting with small steps and then we will work our way up to partake of the whole enchilada:

#1. You are drawn to a book (preferably one that is somewhat higher vibes, not your crossword puzzle book, or knitting journal per say) and you casually open it to a page, thereby finding words that you need to hear and more so, that speak to a deeper part of you- invoking your emotions.

#2. Some examples of divine guidance said out-loud: A friend calls and says something you need to hear (they act as a divine conduit), or, a stranger passes by you on a walk and says words you need to hear, you flip the channel and hear guidance you needed to hear.

#3. Following a meditation that works for you, Soul Love Meditation CD is excellent for this purpose, sit and ask the Divine to come to you and reveal him/ her to you. In essence, to speak to you. Listen and feel. Don’t drop into your mind and start asking questions such as, is that it? Could this be it? Trust me, you’ll know when it happens!

Watch for all the wonderful, magical ways this can happen and then post it below! Others need to hear that what they see, isn’t all there is! Will you be a conduit for the Divine to flow through you?

Are you feeling giddy? Do you have butterflies dancing in your stomach? Take notice, synchronicity is working magic for you. There are defining moments in life when everything just works out and this is one of those moments. For example… the person you are thinking about calls with good news; someone you have a crush on notices you; the parking spot you get has the exact amount of time you need on the meter; or your favourite boots are on sale. Life lines up just for you. Congratulations! Your Guardian Angels are celebrating your recent growth.
The Universe is letting you know that you are getting the hang of handling challenges that come your way. Perhaps you are learning to talk things through rather than bottling them up. This is your graduation party as you move to a new level of spiritual learning. You are on the right path. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Information you are looking for is about to appear and the doors are opening. Yet, Spirit doesn’t work alone. This is the result of solid teamwork between you and the Universe. Give yourself a pat on the back. You are being acknowledged for your willingness to get through the tough stuff with honesty and thoughtfulness. Enjoy the Universe’s gifts.