Todays Spiritual Tip: Animal Messengers

Have you been seeing animals at auspicious times or in odd situations? Watch for animal messengers this week! 


Sometimes Spirit descends from heaven wearing the disguiseof an animal in order to help you. For example, you’re outdoors and an eagle circles over your head; or a crow lands at your feet and stares at you; or a dragonfly hits you on the nose mid-flight: nature is conspiring to speak with you. Or perhaps through a window you’ll notice a bird; it’s the messenger. Go outside, Spirit wants some alone time with you. Look up and breathe into the beauty around you. Check in with yourself. What’s been on your mind? What’s troubling you? What are you excited about? What are you grateful for? Always be aware of what’s working in your life as well as what’s challenging you. Ask for guidance and for the courage to follow through. Spirit will send signs through the animal kingdom when you need help, wise advice, someone to lean on or confirmation of a recent decision. Stop and listen to Spirit’s guidance through your heart and mind. Their guidance is always positive and encouraging. Sometimes the messages will seem so practical, you’ll think you are making it up. Trust. You have entered into a sacred relationship with Spirit. Spread your wings and fly. Watch for repetitive signs of their presence. 

Here are five different animal messages for your week ahead, stay tuned for those also not listed here

Eagle– Your deceased loved ones are lending you extra support and validating recent self-care choices you’ve made and are still making. Look for the bigger picture and don’t buy into others’ distorted perception of your life. 

Hummingbird– Subtle healing energies invigorate you, giving you a punch of energy you need to take a leap of faith. Get moving it’s time! 

Hawk– An important communication is on it’s way to you. Doorways are opening to narrow pathways previously unseen and unknown. It’s going to feel heavy at times but you are in a period of transformation so face your fears and stay in gratitude. 

Coyote– What intentions do you have? You have complete freedom and spiritual autonomy. Be mindful and listen only to empowering, reasonable & loving voices both inside and outside. Stay committed to your path and don’t give up. 

Owl– You have a strong connection to truth and seeing what others are missing. Through humility and love, a new pathway is revealed to you. This is a reward for your continued faithfulness and dedication through trying times. 

Please let me know if one of these messengers crosses your path this week.

Shana Lee