Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra - SHAPE YOURSELF


A warm welcome to today’s blog, the last in a special series on the Larynx/Throat Chakra. Following this blog, which will constitute the closing blog, we will do is an Appendix to culminate all we have learned about this chakra and it’s development. But, first things first! Let us recap what we have learned so far in the development of the Larynx-Throat Chakra. Firstly we examined ideas. We looked the importance of forming ideas correctly, or more specifically, based on real conscious facts examined through our sensing world. Secondly, we proceeded to decisions. We learned the importance of well-reasoned deliberation and restraint when making a decision. Thirdly, we proceeded to the next petal, speech. We looked at the fact that every word we utter should have substance and meaning. Fourthly, we next proceeded to actions. We learned how actions should be executed, by basing our actions in such a manner that we manage our affairs so that they fit both with the affairs of others and with events around us. Fifthly, we proceeded to life balance. We learned the importance of setting the proper pace when we go about our activities, to not be overhasty, nor slow and lazy. Next we examined the sixth petal, BALANCE DUTIES. We learned that this soul process has to do with human striving or effort and the effort we should make to NOT try do anything that lies BEYOND our powers and abilities, yet we always do everything that lies within our powers to do. In the last blog we examined the seventh petal in the larynx/throat chakra, LEARN FROM LIFE. We learned that this soul process involves the effort to learn as much as possible from life, with the new understanding that nothing approaches us in life that does not provide an opportunity to gather experiences useful for the future.


In todays blog we we are completing the circle of the larynx-throat chakra by understanding the importance of the EIGHTH Petal, SHAPE YOURSELF. The growth of this final petal will activate the sleeping 8 petals given to us bye the angels in a distant past, lighting up and spinning the SIXTEEN PETALS.

This petal is about taking a periodic deeper look into ourselves. We must sink absorbed into ourselves, gently taking counsel shaping and testing our basic principles of life. Mentally review what we know, weigh our obligations, ponder the meaning and purpose of our life, and so forth. By doing this you will be shaping yourself! Coming into the Christmas season for those who feel a special importance at this time of year, this will resonate much stronger as we end 2018 and open ourselves into a new year. For example, the more our thoughts and words harmonize with events in the outer world, the more quickly we will develop this new gift we have acquired from the development of this chakra. What a special Christmas gift to yourself! In contrast, if we says things that are untrue we destroy something in the bud of the sixteen-petal lotus flower. Truthfulness, sincerity and honesty are constructive forces, whereas, lying, falsity, and insincerity are destructive ones. A key to growth of the larnyx-throat chakra is to become aware that what matters is not ‘good intentions’ but what we actually do.

In the next few days we will add an appendix to close off this series on the larnyx-throat chakra. We will take everything we have learned and show how it integrates into daily life as a whole. Until then,