Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra - Learn From Life


Welcome to today’s blog, the next of a special series on the Larynx/Throat Chakra. Let’s recap what we have learned so far in the development of the Larynx-Throat Chakra. Firstly we examined ideas. We looked the importance of forming ideas correctly, or more specifically, based on real conscious facts examined through our sensing world. Secondly, we proceeded to decisions. We learned the importance of well-reasoned deliberation and restraint when making a decision. Thirdly, we proceeded to the next petal, speech. We looked at the fact that every word we utter should have substance and meaning. Fourthly, we next proceeded to actions. We learned how actions should be executed, by basing our actions in such a manner that we manage our affairs so that they fit both with the affairs of others and with events around us. Fifthly, we proceeded to life balance. We learned the importance of setting the proper pace when we go about our activities, to not be overhasty, nor slow and lazy. Next we examined the sixth petal, BALANCE DUTIES. We learned that this soul process has to do with human striving or effort and the effort we should make to NOT try do anything that lies BEYOND our powers and abilities, yet we always do everything that lies within our powers to do.


Today we continue the series with the seventh petal in the larynx/throat chakra, LEARN FROM LIFE. This soul process involves the effort to learn as much as possible from life. Nothing approaches us in life that does not provide an opportunity to gather experiences useful for the future. Your future! Past mistakes and imperfections become an incentive to perform more correctly and perfectly whenever a similar situation arises in the future. Not an easy task. Awareness and attentiveness are key here. Having a ‘presence of mind’ will allow us to learn from watching others. We should always try to gather a rich treasure of experience as possible, conscientiously drawing on it for advice at all times, everyday. We should do nothing without looking back upon our experiences that will aid us to decide and act better today and into the future. The work we have done throughout this series so far has allowed us to examine the six petal prior to the LEARN FROM LIFE petal. This will help us tremendously to having the required attentiveness to learn from our actions up to now and consciously perform actions in the future in a better way.

The next blog in this series will complete the eight petals in the development of the larnyx/throat chakra, SHAPE YOURSELF. Remember, we acquired eight of the sixteen petals in the distant past with aid of the angels. It is our responsibility to develop the other eight! See you in a couple of days for insight into this petal! In the mean time, do everything in your ability and power to LEARN FROM LIFE. Cheers to that!