Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larnyx Chakra



Hello everyone. I have been offered by Shana Lee Gibson to be a contributing author on her website. It is a great honour to add into her body of work spanning many years.


I have studied anthroposophical spiritual science for many years. The work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner spans over one hundred years ago, which contains well over 6000 lectures (which were later transformed into written articles made available to the general public) with numerous reference books which can keep an aspiring student like myself focused for many years to integrate his spiritual teachings into my life, then into the community to be shared with others. Hence, here we are today to share these spiritual facts with everyone, articulated into common day language to make it understandable.

I will be offering to Shana’s audience a different perspective of spiritual growth based on this learning model. It will be shown and proven over time to match everything Shana has stated through her various multi-media methods with her online presence.

There is a great length of work to understand the larynx (Throat Chakra) and its importance for everyone with the desire to grow spiritually. It is of special importance you know that this chakra is the first of the chakra’s that needs your immediate attention and development. Do not bypass this chakra first. After we have mastered the knowledge and are using this chakra correctly then we can go further to study the next chakra in the line, the heart chakra. Be patient, be positive. We are going to tackle this bit by bit. With this in mind let’s have a little fun and get started!



Firstly, what is a ‘chakra’? The simplest answer is that it is a SPIRITUAL SENSING ORGAN vs. a conventional sensing organ, like your eyes, for example. A spiritual sensing organ does exactly what it says, it senses it’s surroundings through the use of the spirit, your spirit! The ‘inside’ knowing of your self vs. the normal everyday ‘outside’ knowing of yourself through your senses. Used together, your world becomes much more powerfully integrated. We have seven chakras which can be developed in this lifetime, only they need to be developed in a correct protocol with sound methods or much disillusionment can occur to a human being. This is critical for proper growth. We will go through each specific chakra and their relationship to the human being in these series of blogs so follow each one in correct order. This way you will see tremendous results unattainable to others not choosing to adhere to the methodology. One question may come up, that is, why are we starting with this chakra instead of the third eye chakra, which is above the larynx chakra? It will be developed, but at the appropriate time, not before. The larynx or throat chakra specifically develops the ability into the ‘way’ of thinking of other soul beings. In other words, everyone! It will become self-evident and apparent. You will know what this means upon completion of these series of blogs on the larynx chakra. Trusting the process in the order given will achieve great results. You will be grateful you stuck to the course step by step.

Secondly, it is important to know the exact place in the human being where this chakra is located. Well, by it’s very name it is located in the location of the throat, the speaking larynx. It has 16 ‘lotus flowers’ or ‘petals’. Eight of these sixteen lotus flowers or petals were developed in the past. Our responsibility today is to develop the remaining eight! In an undeveloped person whose soul life is undeveloped, the ‘lotus flowers’ are of a darkish colour, quiet and unmoving. In a developed person, they are in motion, shining forth in different colours. One of the first things to occur to the aspiring student that practices appropriate exercises is that the light of the lotus flower intensifies; later the flowers will begin to rotate. When this happens, it means that a person is beginning to have the ability to ‘see’ spiritually. I think you can see that, over time, when it is developed, it will aid the human being to have a solid footing in their world with a strong sense of certainty, confidence, groundedness and much more effective inter-relationships with everyone encountered through life. It becomes a blessing beyond what one would normally think would be attainable or possible. Yet to master this chakra can offer the greatest challenges to the individual. The secret to growth with this chakra is identifying it as the ‘perceiving forms’ chakra. What does this mean? It means simply, your ability to correctly understand the world through proper sensing of the world. Your senses! The difference between illusion and reality! Un-developed, the larynx chakra makes your ability to truly understand the world difficult. This reveals itself everyday. A simple example might be when someone you have never met before, comes into interaction with you at a line-up to buy a cup of coffee. They go in front of you. Your reaction is immediate. You get angry and demand they get back into line like everyone else! You then carry this emotion with you the rest of the day. Not good! Further, over time, your health suffers and animosity grows fuelling more negative interactions with people just waiting for their moment to get the ‘next’ bad person who enters your life. See a pattern? The individual may have recently lost a loved one and acted unconsciously by stepping in front of you. You may never know the answer to their actions but you can control yours. That is where the power lays. With you.

Let’s start by labeling each flower that needs development. From the included chart in the photo we can see we start with IDEAS first then proceed clockwise around the circle to DECISIONS, SPEECH, ACTIONS, LIFE BALANCE, BALANCED DUTIES, LEARN FROM LIFE and finally SHAPE YOURSELF. A book could be written about each one of these individually they are so important. In the next few days we will start this series of blogs by thoroughly examining the first one, IDEAS, then proceeding to the next one every three days until we cover them all. So do come back and follow each blog to aid with your development! Every three days we will attend to the next flower in this chakra until we compete the circle. Then we will use this knowledge and put it into action, daily action. Then watch and track results. I have confidence you will be shocked as to your ability to reshape your world into a much better place and renewed growth in all areas of your life. Physically, mentally and spiritually. More abundance, healthier perspectives, better results in ALL areas of your life,

Cheers for now,


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