A Lesson From God on Insecurity

After years of praying to God about the source of insecurity and how to make peace with ourselves whether we are fat or skinny, successful or failing, growing or stunted, healthy or sick, etc, it dawned on me that our lives are largely defined by the choices we make when we think God is busy (and not looking) or the opposite- we imagine he’s hovering over us like a manipulative parent; waiting to reward us for being a ‘good girl or boy’ based on what we think he/she wants us to do. In short, we live our lives in fear of what we aren’t doing or what we’ve done and perhaps feel we can’t undo. We may try to make ourselves spiritually better day by day by doing a hundred and one “spiritual” things and yet in our core we still don’t feel good enough.

God showed me how our misinterpretation of him is truly hindering us in our personal and spiritual development. He showed me how intimately he is involved with our lives. He takes the form of our loving partner, our children, our passions, our sacrifices, our friends, our ideals, our animals, our plants, the sunshine, smiles, hugs and more. The list is endless. Then what is needed is to start seeing God in ourselves. We don’t need to perfect our ugliness before we can talk to God and take his/her hand.

Let the love sink in. Sit and feel God within, walk and talk with God, breathe in the fresh air and know that God has kept you alive because there is a beautiful plan for your spiritual development and it involves you being here on earth right now. It’s time to redefine our version of God and start a real conversation with our Cosmic Friend; not as a fearful beggar, who will be struck by lightening if we say or think the ‘wrong’ thing.

The source of insecurity then is our inability to allow God to live inside us and manifest his purpose through us for our good and the good of others. What get’s in the way? Dogmatic beliefs that we are sinners and always will be, Fear, Guilt, Anger (when not understood and used for good), our beliefs, our thinking and sabotaging behaviours. It’s a sad cycle of disconnection because of the way we think and believe. Fear puts us constantly into lack. Lack of love, lack of money, lack of friendship, lack of community, lack of self love and appreciation, lack of lack of lack….

Start today to believe in yourself and your worth. Believe in a loving God who takes a special form just for you. When you look into another’s eyes, see God winking at you. When someone smiles at you, see God smiling at you, always be open to his/her presence in your life and things will improve. Most importantly, be patient. It’s easy to get negative and fearful but it’s tough to choose calm, supportive and loving thoughts.

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Soul Love Meditation MP-3

Soul Love, Released in 2017, this guided meditation helps you connect to your heart, and experience the energetic sensations of big love in preparation for experiencing your own loving version of God. If you’re an empath who needs to release the emotions of others or in search of your soulmate, this meditation will help you practice feeling the tangible love that is within you. Professionally developed in a digital recording studio for potent results.

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