Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra Though Actions


Welcome to today’s blog! Today we will be attending to the next petal in the Larynx (Throat) Chakra, ACTIONS. Actions is the fourth petal in the chakra wheel to be grown through spiritual exercises correctly. ACTIONS comes AFTER building IDEAS, DECISIONS and SPEECH correctly through the exercises provided in the previous 3 blogs. If you have not read the first blog on ideas, the second blog on decisions, and the third blog on speech, do so before continuing in this series. It is critical to follow the protocols in sequence to aid in the spiritual growth of the larnyx chakra in a healthy way.


To recap what we have learned so far in the development of the Larynx-Throat Chakra, firstly we examined ideas. We examined the importance of forming ideas correctly, or more specific, based on real conscious facts examined through our sensing world. Secondly, we proceeded to decisions. We learned the importance of well-reasoned deliberation and restraint when making a decision. No small feat! The coined term “when in doubt, don’t” is accurate beyond description. Because you started with the first and second petal making sound decisions will start to become the right ones. Thirdly, we then proceeded to speech. We looked at the fact that every word we utter should have substance and meaning. A true challenge for most of us! The coined term “only do what you SAY you are going to do”, nothing else. When we develop this skill we will always think before making a decision and only share with others after there is no doubt about the decision, no turning back!

Today we go to the next petal in sequence, actions. How should actions be executed? We need to base our actions in such a manner that we manage our affairs so that they fit both with the affairs of others and with events around us. We should abstain from any behaviour that would disturb others or go against what is happening around us. We might call this getting ‘attuned’ with the right manners and appropriate behaviours for a given situation or social environment you are in at any given time. We should strive to direct our activity so that it integrates harmoniously into our surroundings, our situation in life, and so forth. When a situation prompts us to act, which happens every day, consider carefully how best to respond to the prompting. Paying attention to this prompting will aid in ensuing harmonious actions. And when we act on our own initiative, the key word here being “our”, we should weigh the consequences of what we intend to do as clearly as possible. No small feat making the correct actions, right? Paying attention to yourself in all your nuances and gestures will reveal the truth of how you act and interact in public. Give it a try! Do a self examination by following this exercise for one week. Watch and record changes you start to see. Even small changes will make huge differences that will slowly become profound in your new awareness of yourself and others. Until the next blog in this series, the fifth petal LIFE BALANCE, go follow through with effective actions!

Cheery Regards,