The Wisdom of November

Hi Friends and Soul Seekers,

How has this video helped you? What are your current blocks with self judgment or have you found a balance with this? Please share in the comment below!

Blessings for a beautifully self judgment free month.

Shana Lee x

P.S. I invite everyone to join us for a very special Meditation for Abundance event on November 20th, Shana will tune into each participant and pray for a blessing for every one on the call. The words she is guided to say are healing words given so that you can start breaking free of the emotional, mental and spiritual ties that bind you to limiting beliefs and ideas. Bring an open heart and mind, and come with a question you’ve been wanting to explore. Listen to the MP-3 for more info about this event. Get spiritually prepared and grounded as winter approaches and following that the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Sign up today!