Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra: Petal 3-SPEECH


Welcome to today’s blog! Today we will be attending to the next petal in the Larynx (Throat) Chakra, SPEECH. Speech is number three in the chakra wheel to be grown through spiritual exercises correctly. SPEECH comes AFTER building IDEAS and DECISIONS correctly through the exercises provided in the previous 2 blogs. If you have not read the first blog on ideas and the second blog on decisions, do so before continuing in this series. This is critical to follow the protocols in sequence to aid in the spiritual growth of the larnyx chakra in a healthy way.


Proper speech can be a tremendous healing force through voice or a lethal caustic weapon causing great harm to others, depending on how it is used. Our temperament, personality, education, friendships, family, The power fo speech! It lays within everyone of us. How it is used depends on a lot of factors, some conscious some unconscious. With the development of our other two petals BEFORE using speech, we will grow into a much better ability to use effective, controlled speech that will get our message across without causing unnecessary emotional injury to others, instead strengthening a bond between ourselves and the listener, receiver of the voice.

How can we develop proper speech? The first important thing is, every word should have substance and meaning. The exercises you are doing to develop the first and second petals, IDEAS and DECISIONS, will aid with words having substance and meaning. Talk for talking’s sake diverts us from this path, this growth. We must avoid the ordinary kind of conversation where everyone talks at the same time and topics are indiscriminately jumbled together. This does not mean to cut yourself off from interaction with others. On the contrary, it is precisely in interaction with others that we should learn to make our words meaningful. We should always be ready to speak to and answer everyone, but only after having taken thought and thoroughly considered the issue at hand. We should never speak without good reason. We should talk neither too much nor too little.

As you are out in social circles numerous times each week, it will be good practice to follow the outlines procedures for better discussion by yourself and others you interact with. Practice it. You will be amazed how often you want to speak just for the sake of speaking. You will also find many of the conversations you get into leave no impact on others and their conversation back will leave no impact on you! Meaningless conversation prevail everywhere in social circles today. As you are developing the larynx chakra you will find the ideas you have, the decisions you act on and the speech you use will change over time, providing you practice using them everyday. Start today to develop proper speech and watch healthier effective relationships interacting differently with you. It will become astounding and apparent. Your voice will actually change as you grow the chakra from interactions in the sensing world and your internal world. They will become coherent to each other.

We will continue the next in this series of the larnyx chakra, petal four, ACTIONS, in the next few days. Until then,