Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra Though Decisions


Today we will be attending to the next petal in the Larynx (Throat) Chakra, DECISIONS. Making decisions is number two in the chakra wheel to be grown correctly AFTER building IDEAS correctly through the exercises provided in the previous blog. If you have not read the blog on ideas, do so before continuing in this series. This is critical to follow the protocols in sequence to aid in the spiritual growth of the larnyx chakra in a healthy way.


To recap from the blog on ideas, we learned the importance of taking in ideas the right way. We were provided with a simple exercise to aid with this, using meditating on a pencil as an example. This is a powerful example and is strongly suggested as an object to be considered for use in this exercise. Make sure you use an object that is seemingly insignificant. Do not just sit and think on any object without the object being there in front of you. This path can lead to results but can also lead to delusions of fantasy. This is not what we want. The point of every exercise is not that we arbitrarily create perceptions for ourselves but that reality creates them in us. A huge difference. The truth of the object should well up from our soul. One last consideration is the first exercise should be done for four weeks or more to get a solid footing and start.

Let’s now continue with today’s discussion on decisions. The second soul process in the larynx chakra to be considered - much in the same way as the first- is how we make decisions. Any decision, every decision, however large or small, should ONLY be made after thorough well-reasoned deliberation. How can we do this? By removing all thoughtless activity and ensuing meaningless actions from our souls. Anything we cannot find a sound reason for, we must refrain from doing. An activity or action may seem ‘logical’ but when reasoning is inserted into the thinking process, it reveals the logic to be faulty. Any logic that starts but cannot connect fluidly through to its end is a faulty logic. Inserting sound reasoning into the framework will prove the logic to be valuable or whether it needs to be discarded. By working on yourself to better the ideas you take in to yourself will aid you with sound decisions. The result? Better activities and actions.

Have you ever made a decision? Of course you have. Everyone has! We have all made many decisions over the span of our time here on earth living our lives. How did they all work out? More than likely many of them did not end as was anticipated. When you make a serious decision, after which you have NO intention of ever going backwards to the old, how did you feel after having made the decision? Did it not feel totally refreshing, like you entered into a whole new world, a whole new self? Well, in a way, you did! You see, decisions made from a deeper place within yourself have a different result then others not attended to the same way. If you thought back to one of these profound decisions that did workout well, I bet you will find behind it lay a strong IDEA that entered and crystallized within you first. It may have come to you consciously but it may have been unconscious. The deeper idea swelled into a sound decision with ensuing grounded actions, not even any trace of questioning the decision leading back to indecision. Sweet how this works, isn’t it?

Do a simple exercise to prove to yourself your own decision making framework. Track and right down for a month all the ideas you have about something important to you and resulting decisions based on that idea. Do this for every decision, whether large or small. You will see a pattern forming revealing the true nature of your actions based on your habits vs. active conscious thinking. You will see how habitual thinking results in unconscious habits, which reveals to you many daily, weekly, monthly non-thinking habits. Ouch!

We will continue with the next blog in this series on the Larynx Throat Chakra in the next few days, SPEECH. Enjoy your week! Until then, transform your ideas into healthy decisions!

Cheers for now,