I believe....


People often ask me what I believe about God, Intuition and Psychic Gifts. See below some of my core beliefs that make up the foundation of what I teach.

  • that we are essentially energy beings made of light and vibration and that we have a tangible Spirit body that can be perceived with training.

  • that we can experience our energy body, God and spiritual energy through meditation.

  • that we know right from wrong through our conscience and that we can quiet our conscience if we choose to.

  • that God is the creative energy within all things.

  • that we are deeply loved for who we are even if we ‘fall from grace’ through actions that do not align with truth.

  • that we inherently know why we were born and what our purpose is.

  • that each person has a solid and tangible, loving relationship with their own version of God.

  • that God looks different to everyone.

  • that we do not die. We transition out of this physical body into our light body and we continue our evolution and learning.

  • that we are here on earth to learn lessons, purify our hearts and become aware of our innate closeness with God.

  • that we get to choose based on our beliefs, our intentions and our ability to hold the light, whether we will grow beyond old frustrations or remain at the mercy of them.

  • that eventually we will all evolve beyond old frustrations and old perceptions that don’t stand up in the light of truth.

  • that Christ Consciousness brought to the world through Jesus is based in love and truth not fear and judgment.

  • that some people will call themselves spiritual when they are not, and they will try to lead people astray- delaying their expansion. Discernment is needed to see who truly is spiritual.

  • that prayer and meditation are the answer to all the questions we seek

  • that God speaks to us through our intuition and “psychic gifts” are natural and God-given.

  • that my desire to help you and my ability to align myself with truth, will create miracles for you through your own spiritual connection!