Spiritual Growth- Developing the Larynx Chakra Through Ideas


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Welcome to todays blog post. If you haven’t already read the introduction to this series it is best to read that first. This will enable you to get a solid understanding of the Larnyx Chakra as we progress through this series.

This article starts with the development of the first petal IDEAS in the larynx chakra, or the more commonly used name, the throat chakra. In this blog we will be focusing and directing our energy and mind to the first important petal in this lotus flower that needs attention, IDEAS. It is no small matter to expand our thinking processes to truly understand the significance of the formation of IDEAS that can transform your life. A simple definition of ‘ideas’ concerns the way we acquire mental images. As a general rule, we leave this to chance. Through our normal senses we see, hear, smell, taste or touch something, then form our concepts on that basis. We are passive to our senses during the interplay of the surrounding world and our inside messaging system. As long as we behave in this way, our chakra remains quite inactive. At this point, if we were to discipline ourselves, to pay attention to our ideas or mental representations, our chakra begins to move. So, attention is the first thing we will need to do to get a better mental representation of a mental image in the outer world. The secret here is to understand that each and every idea and mental representation must become meaningful to us. This is key! We must muster the courage to see in every image or idea a specific message about something in the outer world. If it is not worthy and useful to yourself, it needs to be discarded or blotted out immediately. This is no small task. Ideas that do not have a meaning for the outer world should no longer satisfy you. The coined term ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is a fair representation of what is implied here. Do not focus on anything out of curiosity. Curiosity cannot integrate into a strong mental representation inside you! It only offers itself as a plaything in the outer world to be observed, leaving only chaos inside you to be churned until spit back out! Thats it. We must choose to be personally responsible to guide our conceptual life to become a mirror of the outer world. All our striving must be to eliminate false ideas from the soul. A false idea cannot mirror back into the outer world. A true clear idea formed into a strong mental representation inside you can mirror back into the world. It makes your experiences in the world meaningful with purpose. No small task! The key to doing this is to engage your focus and attention to only what you know are right for yourself. Like blinders on a horse. Tunnel vision.

Another aspect to consider is understanding the true name of things. If, at the end of your day, you cannot remember in detail every moment and the true name of things you experienced from the time of waking up to going back to sleep, you were more than likely unconscious and passively going about your day. If you feel empty, drained and exhausted by the end of your day, you can well bet you did not filter the essential from the non-essential from the sense world in your ideas and mental representations that you allowed to be taken into yourself.

Putting keen attention to the ideas and mental representations you allow to incubate inside you vs. passive ones that foster confusion and chaos, you will find your thinking will become a living thinking. This is what you are aiming toward through effort on your part.

Want to test this concept on yourself? For one week carry a small notebook everywhere with you and journal every interaction you have through your senses during your day based on your sympathies and antipathies. You naturally gravitate towards things you have sympathy for and away from things you have antipathies against. Over time, you will find most of your accepted sympathies and antipathies were based on FALSE accepted informational IDEAS or representations. Further, you will start to recognize how your activities throughout any given day reveal themselves as gestures to others all the time. You do them to others, others to you. All done unconsciously! In fact, gestures reveal just how much control you have over yourself.

Let’s do an example with a typical day’s events: Freddy wakes up in the morning and turns on the radio. The weather forecaster states to Freddy it is going to be another dreary grey rainy day. Freddy listens closely to the forecaster, takes in this ‘information’ as a representation and validates it as REAL. Without his thinking about it he just accepted this as ‘fact’. Freddy, having a high degree of animosity and antipathy towards rain, unconsciously allowed his mood to be negatively altered by this ‘idea’, which sometimes lasts his entire day. Something outside Freddy, unbeknownst to him, internalized, altering his mood which he knows could possibly affect his entire day. He goes to take his morning shower only to find out there is no hot water left. He is now in a bad mood. While driving to work in the rain Freddy decides to stop to pick up a fresh cup of his favourite coffee. He walks into the local coffee shop and runs into someone he hasn’t seen for years. He is extremely pleased to see George again and arranges to get together later that day for a long overdue visit. His mood instantly changes now to one of happiness having reconnected to George. As he drives away with coffee in hand, it accidentally spills on his suit pants. Further, the gas light just lit up revealing a soon to be empty tank. Now Freddy must stop at the next service station or possibly run dry on the highway. He gets anxious due to being worried about being late for a board meeting. This is confirmed by a text message he received telling him the time and importance of this meeting which is confirmed to start right on time. All these small events happened to Freddy within the first few hours of his day. Upon reflection at the end of the day, when Freddy rewinds the day’s activities, it reveals to him how many outside events altered his mood AND actions, both good and bad. Then he also remembered he forgot to go to the bank to sign some important paperwork! Not only that, his dear long lost friend George cancelled their get together. All these events took place and inserted themselves according to Freddy’s internal filtering mechanisms. So what did Freddy do to overcome all this chaos? He sank deep into his comfy chair beside his spouse Sue, with a fresh bought pizza and drinks of choice to embrace their one other favourite illusionary world, movies on TV! In his mind he says, ‘ah, time to forget this horrible day and embrace some special ‘me’ time and relax’. Then it’s off to bed by 11:00pm to attempt to get seven hours of sleep. The pattern will be repeated the next day. Around and around his life will go, like a merry-go-round.

I think you can start to see the pattern. We allow everything in the exterior sense world throughout our days to govern passively our feelings and emotions, all based on our own personal sympathies and antipathies. Even though most of them are based on false ideas and representations. We take in events and interactions with people and judge them with our biases. Can you also see a link to health or illness here?

Let’s do a simple exercise: Each day, take a short period of time to mediate on an object like a rock or plant. Even better is to place a simple pencil in front of you. Place it in front of you with nothing else to interfere with your field of observation. Only think of this object during this period and nothing else. Do not let any other thoughts enter your mind while meditating on it that can interrupt the clarity of observing the object. Ask all the questions possible about the object. Let’s use the example of the pencil as your object of observation. Why is it shaped like that? Where did the graphite come from? How was the graphite made? Where did the wood come from? What kind of wood is it? Why is the pencil the length it is? When were pencils first made and used? The more questions you ask and think on and the longer you do this simple exercise the better. Five minutes minimum or longer if you can. By observing it as it really sits in front of you, you will be able to comprehend it objectively, without a sympathy or antipathy. When finished doing this exercise, simply think on it for a minute without looking at it. Then go about other activities. This is key.

This gives us a start to comprehend the significance of the petal ‘IDEAS’. We will be continuing with the next petal on the larynx chakra, DECISIONS. At the end of tending to all the petals in this chakra I will be giving you a clear easy to understand methodology for implementing and integrating this knowledge into your everyday life experiences. You will see the benefits. Trust me! Patience is the key.