Standing on top of a Volcano at Sunrise


On Maui there’s a Volcano known as Haleakala. It’s dormant and the view from the top is extraordinary. However, the drive up to the Volcano is long (about 1.5 hrs from our hotel) and super curvy. I’m not one for heights or thin driving ledges during the day, so when I found out we had to begin our drive at 3am, I became fearful. I’m really focused on strengthening my mind these days- which entails moving my thoughts away from worry and ‘what could happen’ into seeing everything working out even if there are a few bumps in the road. It took a great deal of mind power to stop myself from allowing a mild panic attack to turn into a full-blown, let’s turn around and go home, panic attack. On this particular morning my mind focus was inner strength beyond thoughts. My prayer to God was, “You are strong and you are within me. Therefore I am stronger than I know or may have ever experienced before.” This thought was my spiritual protection against wandering fear based thoughts. By the time we’d reached the top my mind was so preoccupied with the beauty surrounding us, the cool night air and the stars just above us, at what seemed like an arms reach away. As the sun rose slowly on the horizon, a Hawaiian man sang out a prayer that reverberated throughout the valley. The beauty of that moment was so much sweeter because my mind was ‘prepped’ to enjoy it. As tears rolled down my face in gratitude for God’s miracles, I also thanked myself for being willing to do the work. It’s not easy to keep going in the face of fear, but it is possible through the power of God within us. What prayer do you need to hear today to keep going? To ascend higher than ever before? Enjoy the morning sunrise, I hope it inspires you to listen to the strength and power within you.